The building of the city-circle road around St. Petersburg is a big investment project which has a state, regional and local significance. The effects of this new road will allow conditions for development and investment potential in this territory.


The geographical location of St. Petersburg and its economical potential guarantees the city’s role as one of the biggest European hubs, where large quantities of goods from Europe and Asia pass and different logistical systems are used actively. For example water transportation (sea- and river-), railway, road transport, air transport and pipeline. Hubs consist not only in transportation of goods, but in cities and the Leningrad region large amounts of export and import transactions as well. Renewal of the regions economical structure can be done by rational placing and building of new high-technological complexes intergraded into isolated production cycles.

The southern part of St Petersburg city-circle road has an important significance: the road will be connected to airports that are situated in southern part of the city; and the international highway E-18 and M-20, port and companies, which builds and repairs boats. The southern part will be getting the biggest importance for goods and transportation. That is why it is important to have in the southern part different factories for service of transportation and redistribution of goods to different transportation and different directions. All this will lead to development of companies which completes, mounts and repairs techniques, package goods, processes agricultural goods and creates innovative technical parks. For the last part can intellectual resources of St. Petersburg State University can be used, especially when it comes to development of robot techniques. It is profitable to develop environmentally friendly industries, which are free from waste, with use of natural gas from pipeline, from processed scrap and deep peat reefing.

An important meaning for social-economical development of the southern part has closeness to the world-famous Palaces and museums, which are attractive travel destinations. Some of palaces need to be restored, which can be seen as undiscovered investment potential.

A large part of the area consists of forests and parks, where golf clubs or some kind of activity centres can be built. Those elements of environment that exists now shall sustain and be used in effective way in order to create common ecological system which connect Izhoras Plateau with the Finnish Bay.